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ITS improves Active Directory service

Over the last two years, ITS Systems within Infrastructure & Operations has enhanced the Active Directory service through streamlining processes, formalizing a service-level agreement and collaborating with campus IT leaders to establish governance controls around effective service delivery.






Active Directory Domain Services is the foundation for Windows computing — enabling centralized, secure management of computing resources, including authentication, authorization and security policies. ITS Systems provides the Active Directory management system to the distributed IT groups across campus. The IT groups within schools, departments and other entities at Carolina, in turn, leverage Active Directory to manage their customers’ computers with desktops or servers.

Richard Hill

In one example of how ITS enhanced the service, ITS Systems improved communication and streamlined processes in a straightforward and impactful way in June 2017. Previously, ITS Systems had sent out information about major service changes by emailing all the departmental IT administrators who manage Windows accounts for their customers. The ITS group switched that communication over to Microsoft Office 365 Teams.

By ITS Systems communicating via Teams, the group’s customers gained “a centralized place for them to go that’s searchable and where customers can reference any of the changes we’ve made and have a dialogue about that,” said Richard Hill, ITS Systems Triage Manager.

By using this method to communicate, the ITS Systems unit also was able to leverage the University’s new Office 365 platform and help its customers envision additional uses for Teams.

This switch to Teams improved how ITS Systems communicates and provided a better way for its customers to participate and interact. That helps everybody — IT professionals across campus, their customers and the overall service.

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