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BSHD takes on support of benefits annual enrollment

In October 2017, the Business Systems Help Desk entered into a partnership with OHR-Benefits to support of the benefits annual enrollment process, which impacts all permanent faculty and staff at the University.




The Business Systems Help Desk found the most common requests for assistance fell into three basic categories:

  • Confirmation of completion of the enrollment process
  • Password issues
  • Basic navigation of the website

Using the ITIL best practices framework, the HR team quickly identified process improvements that could be made to deliver better service and support. Two of those changes included identifying how and why customers were confused by the web page layout, thereby creating traffic unnecessarily. Recommendations were supplied to the central office for changes. Once the changes were made, the Business Systems Help Desk noticed an immediate decrease in incidents related to that category.

The Business Systems Help Desk also identified a bottleneck in how password resets were being handled, which was causing a delay in providing customer resolutions. After reaching out to the central office, some changes were made so that the BSHD consultants could work directly with the Benefits focus group. That cut out the extra step, which in turn reduced the turnaround time for resolution.

The Business Systems Help Desk’s typical volume of Benefits assistance in the months preceding October was around seven requests for assistance per month, which increased to 50 in the month of October. The Business Systems Help Desk’s average resolution rate prior to annual enrollment was around 50 percent. The group saw a 30 percent increase in incident resolutions in October, as it resolved 86.5 percent of the requests for assistance received on first contact.

“The Benefits & Leave Administration Team definitely felt the positive impact from the Business Systems Help Desk assistance during the 2017 annual enrollment period,” said Brandy Flickinger, Leave Administration Manager and Benefits Consultant. “We received a lot of positive feedback from employees who reported that the Help Desk resolved their issues quickly and accurately.”

Flickinger added: “Most of all, we heard ‘thank you’ over and over again. Employees were very pleased to receive first-contact resolution for most of their issues. In past years, they would have had to leave messages and await return calls. Employees take their benefits very seriously, as they should, and we found that we could put people at ease by being knowledgeable and available when they needed help. No better feeling than that!”

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