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Bomgar remote support launches as a central service

The rollout of Bomgar, a remote support service for IT organizations to use as another method of contact with their customers, was a multi-unit effort for ITS User Support & Engagement and resulted in a great centralized service for campus departments to use.






One of the biggest benefits of rolling out this centralized service was the financial savings provided to the University as a whole. Instead of many units having separate contracts, infrastructure and tools to achieve the same type of service Bomgar provides, UNC-Chapel Hill now has one central ITS-supported service for delivering remote customer support.

The project ran from March to October 2017, and was spearheaded by Managed Desktop Services, the ITS Service Desk, Software Acquisition, and the ITSM team within US&E.

The Bomgar remote support project was “a great example of a number of IT service providers from across campus coming together to leverage our combined purchasing power and to share the costs of administering a great new product and service,” said David Eckert, Director of Managed IT Services within User Support & Engagement. “We helped each other to reduce costs, minimize the workload on our teams and improve service to all of our customers. It was a great collaboration!”

To provide this service in a relatively short time frame, several other ITS units and many campus IT partners were key stakeholders throughout the project. They included School of Medicine IT, Finance & Operations IT, Student Affairs IT, School of Government IT and School of Law IT.

School of Medicine IT had been using and managing its own Bomgar system before moving to ITS’ centrally-managed system available to all of UNC-Chapel Hill.

“The rollout went well,” said Jonathan Fish, a School of Medicine Technology Support Analyst. “School of Medicine IT is using Bomgar in various ways. Primarily, we use it as a customer-facing chat system to answer questions or to help clients with ticket submission. We also use the remote screen-sharing function to assist with more difficult issues. This software has proven it itself very valuable, especially for supporting offsite locations.”

Kelly Brown

Working with ITS on the transition was a “pleasure,” said Kelly Brown, School of Medicine IT’s Director of Client Services and Support. “ITS was highly knowledgeable and understanding as we worked collaboratively to migrate Bomgar access. They were attentive to our needs and responsive in working through minor details after the transition to accommodate our requests.”

The Bomgar tool, she said, is invaluable. “The chat and remote assistance features of Bomgar offered to School of Medicine clients (faculty, students and staff) provide quick and easy access to knowledgeable technicians who can help resolve technical incidents quickly,” Brown said. “It is simple and convenient for our clients to chat, share their screen and receive help. As clients learn about the convenience of this service, we find that it becomes more and more popular and more frequently utilized. It’s particularly helpful during meetings, lectures or with clients who are actively seeing patients as technicians are able to resolve issues faster than if they had to travel across campus for an on-site visit.”

In addition, Brown said, School of Medicine IT, has “many clients who travel abroad and we are often asked to provide technical assistance to extremely remote locations. This tool has assisted our technical staff in providing excellent technical support in remote locations from Malawi to China, and our clients are very appreciative of our ability to perform this level of customer service in unusual circumstances. It is an invaluable tool that we are glad can be shared with others at UNC to improve customer satisfaction, reduce interruptions and minimize technical downtime.”

Key Partner(s): Finance & Operations IT, ITS Managed Desktop Services, ITS Service Desk, ITSM, School of Government IT, School of Law IT, School of Medicine IT, Software Acquisition, Student Affairs IT, User Support & Engagement
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