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By The Numbers

Communication Technologies


Voice-over-IP telephone calls made or received at UNC-Chapel Hill (includes on-campus- to off-campus, off-campus to on-campus, and intra-campus)


Number of different buildings across campus in which building-wide network hardware life-cycle refresh took place


Wired network ports reported an active connection

16.37Gbps peak inbound internet bandwidth usage at UNC-Chapel Hill (over a 40Gbps internet connection)

94,798 wireless devices

Enterprise Applications


Total course enroll and drop actions entered by students


Help and service requests resolved


Paychecks issued


Logins to ConnectCarolina

Infrastructure & Operations

Enterprise storage

of total storage

of active data


Provisioned space 314.4TB

Used space

Space utilization 47%


Users 814

Projects 988

Blocks: 12,617 web, 206 IP reputation, 2,422 DoS

Data Center Power Usage Efficiency (PUE)

ITS established a baseline power usage efficiency metric to manage its power consumption and underlining energy costs. This approach was established by the Green Grid as an industry standard in which the total facility power is divided by the IT load. The data center becomes more efficient as the number moves closer to 0. ITS Manning is considered between “average” and “efficient.” Because the design and purposes of each facility are different, the PUE between ITS Manning and ITS Franklin should not be compared with each other.

Primary Data Center at ITS Manning PUE 1.78 (1303kw/ 457kw)
Backup Data Center at ITS Franklin PUE 2.76 (640kw / 232kw)

2,625,833 Sakai logins, April 6 – May 6, 2018

Server backup

600TB of backup data
1.2PB of data on tape stored offsite
70TB of archived data

Office of the CIO and Administrative Units


Saved through vendor management


Lifetime downloads of CarolinaGO


WordPress websites


Web accessibility workshops offered to campus


Strategic focus areas to guide the organization


Campus Movie Fest

Research Computing

Nvidia DGX deep learning GPU cluster managed by Kubernetes

BIGGER! Longleaf is now…
247-node, high-throughput cluster consists of 6,432 cores (12,864 thread) and 90.8TB total memory

552,205 jobs run

19,642,048 jobs run

Secure research workspace (and other virtual partitions)

  • 33 VLANs
  • 21 datastores
  • 401 virtual machines
  • 5TB memory
  • 80TB storage
  • More than 13 organizations participate

Mass storage

  • 86,345,961 files
  • Grows by about 105TB per month, or 3.5TB per day

Security, Privacy & Identity Management


Compromised user accounts deactivated


Phish messages reported to


New Onyen accounts created


New Guest IDs created

61.2 million

SSO authentications

75 Potential security incidents involving sensitive data investigated

31.55 billion Unwanted network connections blocked by University firewalls

60 Risk assessments opened

71 Risk assessments completed

4 Risk assessments canceled

Teaching & Learning


CCI Printing pages


Voice Threads created


Virtual Lab sessions and 144,005 hours usage


Sakai course sites created


unique viewers of videos hosted on Warpwire

User Support & Engagement

Business Systems Help Desk

Maintained an average customer satisfaction index rating of 4.913 out of 5.

10% return rate of customer satisfaction surveys, compared to the average of about 3%.

Office 365

University users accessed an average of 2 million active files each month in OneDrive.

University users stored a total of 18 million files in OneDrive.

*June 2017 – May 2018

Computer Repair Center

Dell computers made up 19% of the repairs completed for UNC and Orange County customers.

Assistance requests requiring no repairs decreased to 796 from 1,149. These no-repair requests represented 11% of all assistance requests, down from 14% previously. This is due to better troubleshooting, collaboration and communication between the CRC and the Service Desk.

Service Desk

85.7% of the time when customers contacted the Service Desk via live chat, the issue was resolved during that first contact. The target was 80%.