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Carolina CloudApps service grows, training provided

The Carolina CloudApps service continues to grow as a web application deployment platform for the campus. ITS developers have migrated their applications from aging application servers to Carolina CloudApps which, in addition to providing a platform with modern technology, introduces cost savings through increased application density per virtual machine.






Additionally, for the past two years, Carolina CloudApps has provided academic value-add through the use of the service as a core component of senior-level software engineering courses in the Department of Computer Science. This has led to organic growth in other academic areas, such as hosting humanities websites as the sites document the aftermath of 2017 Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

In 2017 the ITS Middleware Services team partnered with the UNC Libraries Research Hub to begin providing joint training sessions on the Carolina CloudApps platform to the campus community. The partnership has produced five training sessions so far. The Research Hub has been an invaluable asset to teaching students, faculty and staff the basics of using the service.

As use of the service has increased, so has the number of customer engagement and outreach sessions the Carolina CloudApps team has provided to campus groups interested in migrating applications to the platform. The growing student use for classroom assignments and response to the AFS decommissioning project have contributed to these increases. As the November 2018 end of the AFS service draws closer, the Carolina CloudApps team anticipates an increase in the number of people who request in-person assistance with migrating their content over to Carolina CloudApps from AFS.

Patrick Casey, second from right, speaks with members of the CloudApps team: William Mowery, Stephen Braswell, and Ben August, left to right

In May 2018, members of the Middleware Services team presented at the annual Red Hat Summit conference, which drew representatives from universities worldwide, about Carolina CloudApps’ use in the classroom.

As of July 1, 2018, Carolina CloudApps had 990 projects and 816 unique users, roughly a 15 percent increase over the previous year.

Key Partner(s): Department of Computer Science, ITS Systems, UNC Libraries Research Hub
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