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UNC upgrades ConnectCarolina to version 9.2

Upgrading to the newest version of PeopleSoft is one of those projects that requires a heavy lift from the ConnectCarolina team but is largely behind-the-scenes to campus. So why did ITS do two of them in the 2017-2018 fiscal year?






A big reason is that UNC-Chapel Hill’s software provider Oracle requires it to continue providing support. The upgrades are also important for keeping the University’s data secure and ensuring that the University complies with federal and state regulations. ITS completed both upgrades on schedule, at a low cost and with minimal disruption to campus.

UNC-Chapel Hill upgraded ConnectCarolina Student Administration to the 9.2 version of PeopleSoft in October 2017, and upgraded HR/Payroll in March 2018. The University is working toward upgrading the Finance application in December 2018.

One of the benefits for campus was that the new version makes the system more accessible for users with disabilities. Another significant benefit is that ITS has positioned ConnectCarolina to take advantage of upcoming software releases and all the new features they bring. For example, one change the University expects to implement in 2018 is an improved user experience that reduces navigation and clicks.

There was hard work a plenty for the more than 150 people across campus who untangled the difficult puzzles, coordinated lots and lots of logistics and performed months of tedious testing.

Frances Dykstra, AVC for ITS Enterprise Applications and Reporting, expressed her thanks to the HR/Payroll team members across campus after the cutover weekend. “This past weekend your efforts came to fruition in an extravaganza of hard work, cooperation, good will and high spirits (even during the early morning hours),” she said. “Throughout the entire project, you worked smart, solved problems, helped each other and employed fortitude and persistence. There is really nothing more rewarding than seeing a team come together to support each other in achieving a big goal.”

Key Partner(s): Central Finance Departments, HR Information Management, Office of Sponsored Research, Student Administration Central Departments
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