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Jonathan Williams

Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Director, Center for Regulatory and Industrial Studies

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

“We are so lucky to have Sandeep Sarangi (of Research Computing) supporting multiple research projects that we’re currently working on.

The first is an empirical study of net neutrality that leverages unique data on households’ television and internet usage. The data is voluminous and includes second-by-second information on these activities for thousands of subscribers. Even cleaning the data requires a massive amount of processing, while the numerical modeling and empirical methods require substantially more.

With Sandeep’s expertise, we were able to perform some preliminary analysis that attracted NSF funding for further study of issues around net neutrality.

Sandeep, along with Jenny Williams, was also central to a recent NSF application that studies tax incidence in airline networks. Like the first study, the analysis leverages vast amounts of data and the econometric methodology we use also requires substantial computation. Sandeep went out of his way to help us debug a third-party computational toolbox, re-program our estimation algorithm in another language to test, and offered numerous tips to help speed computation.

During this process, Jenny Williams went out of her way to offer support and prioritize our debugging efforts. Without both Sandeep and Jenny, we would not have been able to meet our grant deadline, and the project would be months behind schedule.”