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Lisa Miller

Associate Dean of Administrative Services
School of Nursing

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

“In the Fall of 2013, the School of Nursing (SON) experienced a period when the local IT systems and services began a sudden shift from a state of stability to an unreliable and vulnerable status. Our SON IT Director contacted the campus ITS leadership for assistance and a meeting was scheduled to discuss the issues, determine the SON’s immediate support needs and the scope of support that the ITS Team would provide.

The immediate and urgent plan was a thorough discovery of SON shared resources, systems, databases, network hardware, applications, maintenance schedules, backup strategies and administrative access while maintaining expected services and user access. The requests were uncommon, and the efforts required coordination and participation of several campus ITS resources.

A referral was provided to Zack Fisher and Tim Hensley (OASIS) to provide assistance with data backups. A support team was created: Priscilla Alden, Matthew Conley, Frank Cuicchi, Kathy Kyzer, Tim McGuire, Patrick Murphy and Stan Waddell. Richard Hill was assigned an office at the SON and the work began.

There is not enough time or space here to detail the effort, guidance, training, support and patience that the SON received during the years that followed, but we are extremely thankful and excited to report the scheduled work is now complete.

These are the highlights:

  • Nine physical servers and three virtual machines were migrated to ITS-hosted VMs (~4TB)
  • Eight server applications migrated away from physical servers
  • 12 Microsoft Access databases migrated/or rewritten in Oracle
  • User access audited
  • SON OU group policies audited
  • Data backup and server maintenance plans created
  • Data retention and disaster recovery policies updated
  • SON system administrator hired
  • Server room decommissioned, end of dehumidifier monitoring

While we expected assistance, the guidance, training, and support we received from the team and other IT personnel was nothing less than extraordinary.

Thank you all! And a heartfelt thank you to Richard Hill for his dedication to this project. He is meticulous, optimistic and a great instructor.”