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New Dashboard gives snapshot of grant finances

With the September 2017 release of a new Principal Investigator Dashboard in InfoPorte, the ConnectCarolina team provides principal investigators easy access to financial information on their sponsored grants and contracts.




Principal investigators, or “PIs,” have primary responsibility for ensuring their contracts and grants stay on track financially, along with ensuring they comply with all state, federal and sponsor requirements.

Robert Sandler, MD

The new PI Dashboard lets principal investigators see a snapshot of their grants’ finances on their home page in InfoPorte. They can drill down to see details about grant expenses, such as how much has been spent on supplies. Since payroll expenses take a large bite out of most contracts and grants, the dashboard provides estimates of future payroll expenses on the grant, based on salary and payroll information in ConnectCarolina.

The PI Dashboard pulls information from both ConnectCarolina and RAMSeS (Carolina’s system of record for grant information) and is updated overnight. The dashboard lets PIs, research administrators and the Office of Sponsored Research all see the same information in the same format, making it easier to work through questions and concerns.

Release of the new dashboard involved design and testing by principal investigators, research administrators, and staff from the Office of Sponsored Research.

Gastroenterologist Robert Sandler, Director of the Center for Gastrointestinal Biology at UNC-Chapel Hill, had this to say after the dashboard went live: “I attended your PI session at ITS Manning and have now had a chance to poke around on the PI dashboard in Infoporte now that it is live. It is really fabulous, and for the first time I feel like I have a handle on what is going on. Great work.”

Key Partner(s): FITAC, MOU leads for each school and division, Office of Sponsored Research, PI Dashboard experts in each school and division, VC Research
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