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New tool gets data where it’s needed — fast

Data drives decisions and often the data we need comes from multiple sources. The connections between those sources — the interfaces — are where the magic happens.






ConnectCarolina currently supports 684 interfaces with other systems and requests for additional interfaces come in regularly. To meet the workload, ITS needed to simplify and speed its ability to create interfaces. Enter Informatica.

Informatica, a new platform-as-a-service, cloud-based data management tool, provides Enterprise Applications with a scalable, faster way to build and manage new data integrations. In time, Enterprise Applications plans to convert the existing interfaces developed using different technologies. The Enterprise Applications team purchased and implemented the Informatica platform during the summer of 2017. Since then, it’s been used to support several projects that needed data to be automated between two entities.

Some of those projects include:

  • UNC Online Project: UNC Online is a UNC System Office initiative that enables students in UNC System schools to take online classes at a different UNC school. An Informatica interface automates the exchange of information between the UNC Student Information Systems, automatically sending information related to the maintenance of classes, registration, grades and transcript information for UNC Online courses. It’s all transparent to the UNC student who never thought it would be this easy to take an online class at one of the 17 UNC campuses. UNC-Chapel Hill online courses will be available to students at other UNC schools beginning in early November 2018. Note, Chapel Hill has not yet approved UNC Online courses for Chapel Hill students.
  • Student Administration and Slate Admissions: Enterprise Applications has developed multiple Informatica interfaces between ConnectCarolina Student Administration and Slate Technolutions – the Admissions application solution used by UNC-Chapel Hill graduate school programs, professional programs and, starting this Fall, by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. The interfaces manage data, including demographic information, admission decisions and residency information.
  • UNC Athletics and Teamworks: A new Informatica interface between ConnectCarolina and Teamworks provides data on student athletes’ schedules for current and future terms. Teamworks allows student athletes and their coaches to see classes, games and practices on one schedule.
  • Automation of School of Medicine Data Extracts: The School of Medicine pulls financial data from the Finance Data Warehouse and loads it into the Strata analytical software, where the school manages budget and forecasting. Extracting that data is a time-consuming manual process for School of Medicine personnel, but a new Informatica interface is automating the flow of data such as paycodes, general ledger information, purchase orders and payroll.

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