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Infrastructure & Operations

Lisa Miller
“While we expected assistance, the guidance, training, and support we received from the team and other IT personnel was nothing less than extraordinary.”

Lisa Miller, Associate Dean of Administrative Services, School of Nursing, on a multi-year project to evaluate and address the School’s unreliable and vulnerable IT systems and services.


By the Numbers

Enterprise storage

of total storage

of active data


Provisioned space 314.4TB

Used space

Space utilization 47%


Users 814

Projects 988

Blocks: 12,617 web, 206 IP reputation, 2,422 DoS

Data Center Power Usage Efficiency (PUE)

ITS established a baseline power usage efficiency metric to manage its power consumption and underlining energy costs. This approach was established by the Green Grid as an industry standard in which the total facility power is divided by the IT load. The data center becomes more efficient as the number moves closer to 0. ITS Manning is considered between “average” and “efficient.” Because the design and purposes of each facility are different, the PUE between ITS Manning and ITS Franklin should not be compared with each other.

Primary Data Center at ITS Manning PUE 1.78 (1303kw/ 457kw)
Backup Data Center at ITS Franklin PUE 2.76 (640kw / 232kw)

2,625,833 Sakai logins, April 6 – May 6, 2018

Server backup

600TB of backup data
1.2PB of data on tape stored offsite
70TB of archived data