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IT Executive Council and ITS leadership meet to discuss goals, plans

In mid-June 2018, 25 IT leaders from across campus met for a half-day retreat to discuss goals, projects and new ways to work together to support the University’s mission.






The day kicked off with a presentation by CIO Chris Kielt, during which he highlighted the strategic focus areas for 2018-2019, as well as the upcoming ITS projects that fit into those areas. The presentation was the first opportunity for ITEC members to hear plans for the coming fiscal year and led to active and informative discussion.

The day continued with two additional activities. First, attendees were asked to write on sticky notes their top priorities for the coming year. Those priorities were then grouped to identify similarities and potential for collaboration. Next, the group spent time discussing guiding principles for large technology projects. This activity was designed to increase transparency and provide clear expectations.

The day wrapped up with a presentation by Chief Technology Officer Michael Barker, who then led a brainstorming session to identify future technology needs and strategies for how to best implement those on our campus.

At their half-day retreat in June 2018, members of ITEC discussed priorities, guiding principles for large technology projects, and ITS’ strategic focus areas and projects

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