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Letter from Chris Kielt

Chris Kielt

Chris Kielt

Vice Chancellor
& Chief Information Officer

Hello and welcome to the 2017-2018 ITS Annual Report. This is our fifth consecutive annual report and I’m pleased to again share with you our organization’s achievements in enhancing the technology capabilities for our campus over the past academic year.

Our focus over the past year has been on making it easier to conduct the work of our University and improve the tech for our academic, administrative and research users across campus. In some cases, this is through complex “behind the scenes” technical endeavors, such as the new network core, that while transparent to the end user requires significant IT resources and expertise. In other cases, it’s through smaller changes that users notice and actively use, such as the new software download service and the new exam-scanning tool.

One of our key achievements to improve efficiency from the past year was the introduction of the Faculty Portal. We heard from our academic community that it could often be challenging to find important, commonly used links in ConnectCarolina and other academic and research-related activity. The Faculty Portal now puts the teaching and research information faculty use most on the first screen they see when they log in to ConnectCarolina.

Making University operations more efficient and effective also means making it safer. In the past year, over 25,000 phishing messages were reported and more than 31.55 billion — yes, billion — unwanted network connections were blocked by University firewalls. In an effort to better protect our campus, our Information Security Office launched projects to expand 2-Step, improve the risk-assessment process and create phishing-awareness activities. Our campus partners have been integral in the success of our information security messaging and the fruits of those efforts are clear: as of June 30, more than 50,000 individuals were registered for 2-Step Verification.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve also compiled customer stories to help translate the technical projects into practical impact. These stories are sprinkled throughout the Annual Report, but can also be read in one section to learn more about how ITS empowers individuals and groups on campus. Our customers’ success can also be appreciated when reading about our “Most Lunches,” where we celebrate individuals who have executed the most transactions in ConnectCarolina.

I hope as you read through this annual report that our dedication to your success will be clear. We love hearing from our academic, administrative and research partners from across campus about how we can provide innovative solutions that make your work easier, more efficient and forward-thinking.


Chris Kielt, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer