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The Person Services moves to new Openshift platform in CloudApps

In July 2018, ITS Identity Management moved The Person Services to a more stable, secure and supported platform in Carolina CloudApps.






The Person Services, a key part of ITS’ infrastructure that enables communications between ITS applications and Campus Solutions, were moved off of Glassfish ESB, which is the former Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform, and off of Glassfish (itsapps).

Both of the old platforms were retired, which included removing some very antiquated hardware and software from the ITS data centers. This change is expected to reduce licensing costs for out-of-support software and hardware and improve security.

Middleware Services provided a great deal of support in testing the services on CloudApps and assisting with the go-live in each environment. ITS Enterprise Applications assisted with testing The Person Services from its applications that make use of them. In addition, ITS Enterprise Systems contributed time and resources for the new Artemis queue servers that enable guaranteed delivery of logging messages.

Members of the Identity Management team chat.
Members of the Identity Management team chat in their suite at ITS Franklin

By choosing CloudApps as the platform, Identity Management was able to quickly move these Java-based services off of the old infrastructure while reducing overhead in the learning curve of a new platform, such as Informatica.

In a future project, Identity Management will move these services to a new platform, which will include training and a longer implementation time.

Key Partner(s): Carolina CloudApps, Enterprise Applications, Middleware Services
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