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ResNET assists with package-delivery centers

In response to significant growth in package deliveries over the past five years, Carolina Housing decided to open a new package center along with after-hours lockers as part of its five-year plan to improve student services.



ITS ResNET assisted by acquiring and configuring new equipment for the Hinton James Package Center, which opened in January 2018. In addition to the new package center, ResNET also helped configure a bank of electronic lockers where students can collect packages after regular business hours, making this service much more accessible to the average student. In an effort to improve the new service for future expansion, ResNET helped upgrade the software that manages all three package centers to accommodate additional locations and more efficient business practices.

The packaging center at Hinton James residence hall

“ResNET basically did everything,” said Joanna Luke, the Residential Communications Services Manager who oversees all of the Package Center Operations. “They had the infrastructure in place well ahead of our deadline. We couldn’t have done it without them being involved.”

“ResNET is proud to have exceeded expectations and we look forward to using this as a test case for future expansion of locker systems in other halls going forward,” said Lee Hyde, ResNET Interim Director.

Key Partner(s): Carolina Housing
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