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Research Computing

Ben Fox
“Once we got support and cutting-edge hardware from Research Computing, it shattered all of the limits we had once had. Instead of rendering a project with reduced quality and assets, we were able to massively scale up the quality of the shots we were rendering using Research Computing resources.”

Ben Fox, Digital Production Manager, Morehead Planetarium and Science Center


By the Numbers

Nvidia DGX deep learning GPU cluster managed by Kubernetes

BIGGER! Longleaf is now…
247-node, high-throughput cluster consists of 6,432 cores (12,864 thread) and 90.8TB total memory

552,205 jobs run

19,642,048 jobs run

Secure research workspace (and other virtual partitions)

  • 33 VLANs
  • 21 datastores
  • 401 virtual machines
  • 5TB memory
  • 80TB storage
  • More than 13 organizations participate

Mass storage

  • 86,345,961 files
  • Grows by about 105TB per month, or 3.5TB per day