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Software Acquisition launches software download service

In July 2017, the Software Acquisition Office digitized its student software offerings.



For years, the Software Acquisition Office had distributed software on CDs, DVDs and USB keys. The demand for software continued to grow, but the need for a different distribution model also began to surface.

UNC-Chapel Hill students began to need a software download service because new technology is continually released, streaming services have become popular, and fewer computers are being manufactured with DVD drives.

Now when a student needs software such as ArcGIS, Mathematica, Matlab or SAS, they have the option to download the software package directly to their computer.

This service has reduced the need to store and purchase physical media to distribute to students. It also has decreased turnaround times for ordering software. Students can now access the software from their computers instead of having to wait for the order to be processed and then physically picking up a copy at the Software Acquisition Office on campus.

“It is nice to have access to software and the process to download the software has been easy,” one Carolina student said.

“Fast response, easy download, everything worked as expected,” said another student.

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