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Splunk team grows user base and communication

Splunk has become a must-have troubleshooting and system analytics tool for both ITS and departments across campus.






With the growing Splunk community, Middleware Services hosted in October 2017 an open-invitation community training session to demonstrate how Splunk adds value beyond simple log aggregation. The roughly 30 attendees included experienced Splunk users as well as those gauging the value of the service for their department’s needs.

Dave Safian

During the fiscal year, the Middleware Services team also worked for a month with more than 30 departments to transition them over to use Identity Management’s new group math functionality to make up the basis for their Splunk groups. Identity Management put this solution into place to ensure greater security and control over access.

By growing its Splunk user base and holding these engagements, Middleware Services also helped grow user communication as well as the number of users who support one another with their use of Splunk. Users increasingly turning to one another for assistance helps to ease Splunk’s support needs, said Middleware Services’ Dave Safian, a Splunk Certified Architect.

Key Partner(s): ITS Systems
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