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Use of UNC Check-In app expands

A year after developing and piloting the UNC Check-In App, ITS Teaching & Learning is deploying Bluetooth beacons to additional classrooms to enable more faculty members and students to use the application.




Viji Sathy

Viji Sathy

Teaching & Learning collaborated with Viji Sathy, Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, to design a quick and simple way for students to confirm their presence in class. Sathy and her students piloted the UNC Check-In app in Spring 2018.

By July 2018, 175 students had used the app.

After the successful pilot in Coker 201, the School of Medicine began using the system in August 2018 in a dozen classrooms for first- and second-year med students — more than 190 students.

In Fall 2018, Teaching & Learning deployed a beacon in Bingham 103 for Sathy’s class and other faculty teaching in the location. Teaching & Learning also invited faculty teaching in Coker 201 to participate.

In Fall 2019, Teaching & Learning will deploy beacons to the more than 200 general-purpose classrooms on campus.

Key Partner(s): Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
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