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Digital Services helps bring across the finish line

UNC-Chapel Hill’s main website has been redesigned into a modern storytelling platform to better highlight the University and connect with the people it serves.






With a mobile-first approach, the redesigned site uses large images, video and social media to tell the compelling stories of the people who make the University an extraordinary place.

Kim Vassiliadis

ITS Digital Services worked closely with the central communications team to provide development and accessibility consulting for the launch of the new site. The Middleware Services team provided additional technical consultation and work, as well.

Kim Vassiliadis, Manager of ITS Digital Services and User Experience, served as the primary liaison between ITS and central communications. Additionally, Vassiliadis worked with the design agency, Digital Pulp, to ensure that the finished code delivered to the campus technical team would flourish in Carolina’s on-campus environment.

“What I sincerely appreciated most was not just Kim’s technical knowledge, but her ability to teach me what I needed to know in order to effectively communicate with Digital Pulp, the digital agency we employed, as well as the various campus communicators involved in content creation for the site,” said Amy Kaufmann, the project manager for the website relaunch. “UNC-Chapel Hill is lucky to have such a professional team!”

Key Partner(s): Central Communications, Digital Pulp, Middleware Services
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